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About PLDA Training

PLDA Training is a division of PLDA Group, a technology group focused on delivering cutting-edge products and services to engineers worldwide since 1996.

PLDA Training provides over 70 training courses, covering the full spectrum of technologies required for System-on-Chip design and implementation - from CPUs, microcontrollers and DSPs to specialized networking SoCs, memory interfaces and interface protocols.

PLDA Training’s 360˚ hands-on expertise in SoC and Embedded Electonics design acquired through constant involvement in leading edge industrial projects sets a new standard of customer training experience. PLDA Training’s use of real-life industrial case studies and ability to help customers with their designs beyond the training courses with consulting services and custom products development, are key differentiators.

PLDA Training shares PLDA Group’s goal of enabling manufacturers of electronic components and systems worldwide to design and market highly differentiated products faster, without risk, and with dedicated support from highly skilled engineering teams. 

Meet our Trainor-in-Chief - Guillaume Peron

Guillaume brings 25 years of experience in processor architectures and interface protocols. His deep knowledge of System-on-Chip components and platforms combined with outstanding educational skills not only fuels PLDA Training’s main training activity, but also enables PLDA Training to help semiconductor companies develop SoCs and embedded products based on SoC.

Guillaume is also expert in safety-critical systems, especially avionics and railways, and has trained engineers from leading companies on safety related aspects of SoC architecture, hardware and low level software design.

Over the years, Guillaume has established a strong relationship with industry-leading semiconductor companies such as NXP, ST, and ARM, who have welcome PLDA Training as a certified training partner.

Guillaume’s ability to share his enthusiasm with his audience, especially when covering complex technical subjects, is widely recognized as the core of PLDA Training success.

Our Commitment to Quality

Qualified trainers

Our trainers are selected for their technical, educational and relational capabilities. Their competencies are constantly updated through Train-the-Trainer courses in order to provide you with the highest quality training courses. 

A privileged commercial relationship

A dedicated team acknowledges your demand within 24 hours and assists you throughout the process. 

Optimal learning conditions

Small groups of maximum 10 trainees, always up-to-date teaching equipment, and state-of-the-art lab equipment. 

Training courses tailored to your needs

Before the training, helping you identify the right training for your competency level,

During the training, with an interactive teaching methodology in which you are an active participant,

After the training, with dedicated assistance as you mature the concepts learned during the training course.