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Our SoC Expertise at Your Service

In addition to training courses, PLDA training offers consulting services to assist you all along your product development cycle. Consider this: the latest System-on-Chip cannot be fully described within 5 days of training - a SoC based on the ARM V8-A CPU architecture (5-day course) and supporting PCIe (5-day course), SATA (3-day course), USB interfaces (5-day course), and LPDDR4 memory (2-day course) would require… a full 20 days of training to cover every aspect!

PLDA training addresses this concern with a unique approach: scheduling a short training course at the beginning of the project for an overview of the target SoC and its hardware implementation, allowing the initial phase of the project (typically board schematics) to kick off smoothly. For the remaining of the project, additional consulting sessions may be scheduled to assist in other areas. Typical consulting work includes:

  • Review of board schematics
  • Board bring-up
  • Tuning of hardware platform to increase performance
  • Bug fixing
  • Selecting appropriate operation modes in Linux device drivers
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Some of our Service Projects

Our 360˚ SoC expertise is helping developers of embedded systems deploy products faster.

SoC Firmware

Developed a DDR3 calibration firmware for a customer implementing the NXP i.MX6 SoC in order for DDR3 memory timings to adjust to optimal values according to variations in operational temperature.

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Memory Interfaces

Assisted a customer facing DDR4 issues during a NXP T1040-based board bring-up. Issues were resolved by correctly parameterizing the DDR4 controller and implementing the appropriate calibration mechanisms.

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Safety-Critical Systems

Developed a kernel for a customer's safety-critical avionics application based on NXP P1013 communication processor, with assistance to adapt the kernel operation to the customer's specific hardware platform.

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Interface Protocols

Helped the customer design a NVMe controller IP by recommending the various functional modules to be implemented and the communication interfaces between these modules.

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Analyzed a failure and fixed the associated bug in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) ported by the customer onto a NXP i.MX6 application processor based platform.

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Delivered consulting service to a company developing railway equipments, for a system experiencing Ethernet frame loss. The root cause of the issue was identified and fixed.

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